Individual and Couples Psychotherapy
Somatic Psychotherapy  ·  Post Traumatic Stress
Panic and Anxiety Disorders  ·  Eating Disorders
Personal Growth  ·  Depression

A client’s psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual issues are all seen as connected parts of an interwoven system that are healed together. The Soma (Latin for body), like a compass, will help navigate which direction therapy needs to go.

Unlike more traditional forms of psychotherapy, this method is unique in its emphasis on building resources for the client through bioenergetics, meditation and mindfulness,  grounding techniques such as breath work, and hands-on-work. I practice supporting the notion that each of us has within us the source and capacity for establishing our own well being.

In my work as a therapist I emphasize building awareness around areas of one’s growth and potential development that may be stuck or stagnant. I am trained in trauma recovery, eating disorders, identity issues, sexuality, lifestyle patterns and their somatic organization, couples counseling, group therapy, career choices, anxiety, panic, and questions of the spirit.

I have been an active advocate of the healing arts for the last fifteen years, and as a Vipassana meditator, yoga teacher, and dancer, I practice mindfulness through movement to encourage a radical expansion to live more fully everyday.