Certainly sex can be “I will do that for you if you will do this for me,” but what a lonely arrangement.  A caress should say “I love you,” not pay off a debt.  An Embrace should fill the heart as well as the arms.

~ Hugh & Gail Prather

I work experientially with couples, encouraging them to stay in the present moment through mindfulness techniques and by tracking their interactions.  It is typical for a client to come to a therapist with a story about a symptom that presumes the therapist will have a long conversation and provide the cure.  In this experiential model of psychotherapy, I will encourage the couple to explore slowing down, experiencing presence with one another in the moment.  Couple’s experience awareness and connection, learning from the session rather than focusing on reporting of previous experiences.

By experiencing this environment, the couple will learn what’s working for them and what’s not, eliminating a lot of the back and forth story telling that can impede progress.  This allows the couple to begin to redefine the essence of their relationship and how each person shows up in the relationship.  If there are problem behaviors in the relationship, they become conscious creating space to choose different behaviors.

We will explore developing these skills through grounding, communication skills, mindfulness, and somatic practices such as developing boundaries.  By developing ones authentic self in relationship to other you enter the mind-set of mutuality, where you can move forward in your own self-development while still caring about your partners development and well-being.