Bioenergetic Sessions

Weekly Two Hour Somatic & Process sessions will be held evenings.

In the Somatic Process group, you will have the opportunity to dive into your own healing, becoming more fully aware of your internal dialog. Building awareness of your somatic resources and using these as tools to improve your psychological well being is integral to the group experience.  Yalom states, “Interpersonal interaction is crucial in group therapy.  The truly potent therapy group first provides an arena for patients to interact freely with others, then helps them to identify and understand what goes wrong in their interactions, and ultimately enables them to change those maladaptive patterns.”  Here you can learn how to communicate effectively and listen empathically.  You can learn how to receive feedback in a safe environment while expressing yourself to other compassionately.  You will have the opportunity to connect with others who can empathize with what you are experiencing.

During this two-hour group meeting, we will work individually and in dyads on bioenergetics exercises and different somatic experiencing modalities.  After practicing these techniques for one hour we will spend the second hour processing and discussing our experience.  You will learn how to work with your own body, ground yourself, breath, and attend to breaks of attention.   Through somatic psychotherapy, you will explore grounding, being present, contact, boundaries, emotions, and embodiment.  You will learn different techniques to heal from trauma and manage anxiety.  When working with a group dynamic, the challenges you may face with relationships in the outer world are often reflected in the group.  This becomes a place for safe exploration of how you relate to yourself, your body and others.  Working in this way develops greater capacity to respond to the difficulties of daily living in a way that is more flexible and spontaneous. Individuals in somatic group therapy come to feel a more authentic connection with their inner experience and develop an enriched appreciation of life.