“It is not only the separation between brain and mind that is mythical,
the separation between mind and body is probably just as fictional.
The mind is embodied, in the full sense of the term, not just embrained.”

~Antonio Damasio, Descartes’

One-on-One therapy sessions are a place for you to have your needs met and to express yourself as you are.  Creating a safe space for you to explore your feelings, emotions, fears, fantasies, hopes and dreams, I will meet you in relationship to support your transformation as you move forward.

Our sessions together could include any variety of talk therapy, bioenergetics exercises, visualizations, somatic psychotherapy, mindfulness, breath work, art, and movement therapy. We create a space based on your individual needs within the therapy process.  Therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes in length and are confidential in nature.  Some clients find that a 75 minute session is preferable as it allows more time to get to the depth of the current issue following a weekly check-in.  Finding a therapist whom you can relate to in order to develop a trusting relationship is crucial.   I am happy to speak with you in person to see if we are good match.  If we determine we are not a fit in working together, I will assist you in finding services elsewhere by offering referrals and guidance as needed.

The human experience is multifacited with individuals seeking therapy for many different reasons.  You may find yourself stuck in everyday life, stagnant in a job, or in a relationship that is challenging and overwhelming.  It is understandable that when coming to therapy you would hope to feel better and be able to experience life differently then when you started.  Feel free to contact me to set up an initial session to determine if working together will meet your needs and help you face where you are right now.